A singer/songwriter and guitarist from Nottingham, UK, Luis Ogando brings a charming mix of both original and cover material, covering a wealth of genres, all delivered with a relaxed, yet focused, approach that makes his sets as unique as they are refreshing.

   His approach to his original material has definite folkish undertones, yet the busker and beat-strum style gives his lyrics a more punchy platform and will swing listeners from dreamy contemplation to irresistable foot-tapping and head-nodding.

   As well as providing guitar/vocal performances, Luis is also at home providing session music, orchestral pit work and stand-in musician services when required, adapting to genre, style or mode without difficulty. Click on the Services link in the top menu for more details.

   Check the News, Shows and Music sections for details of upcoming gigs, new material and anything else related to goings-on in Luis' world.

Carnival Fun

Those who braved the British Summer on Saturday would have had their spirits lifted by a spirited performance of original and cover music by Luis, as he beat-strummed his way through a good 40 minutes of foot-tappers and singalong classics. The clouds and wet weather did little to dampen the mood as the crowd clapped, sang and, in some cases, danced along.

Along with staple favourites, such as Leaving On A Jet 'Plane and Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard, a few new covers were thrown in, such as the more laid-back It Never Rains In Southern California, and more upbeat faire, including The Second Summer Of Love by Danny Wilson, and Hey, Soul Sister by Train.

Original music included 2 pre-requested songs: Love and A Little Bit Like Kiss Me (a video snippet is in the Videos section).

Luis also aired a brand new song for the first time - One More Chance - mixing in a bit of harmonica fill as well. The harmonica also made an appearance in Today, which has been slightly re-worked since it's performance at Beeston Carnival 2015.

Luis will be performing again quite soon, so keep your eyes out for gig info....

Things and Anyday Café

It's been quite a busy time for Luis of late, and it doesn't look like things are going to ease up any time soon. This can only be a good thing, as it means we may well get treated to more great live music...

Solo Work: Luis has been beavering away on some new material which, hopefully, will be performed when he takes the stage at this year's Beeston Carnival. He's been playing with his new USB mic and Cubase 8, so we may well get a snippet in the Music Player soon. He's also been tied up with some session work and will also be playing in the rchestra for Beeston Musical Theatre Group's next concert production "New York, New York."

Middle:6: After a stonking Oxjam set last year Middle:6 have been busy adding to their repertoire and squeezing as many gigs and parties into their calendar as they can. Check out http://middle6.fourfour.com for more info.

Anteloup: Anteloup are undergoing a bit of an hiatus at the moment while Luis and Pat put together a load of new material and a great new approach. Check out www.anteloup.com for more information.

Finally, Luis has teamed up with local singer/songwriter Mary Hastings and formed a great new outfit - Anyday Café - delivering great covers and original music in a soulful, relaxed manner. Check out the link in the menu bar for more details.

Gig News!!

Luis is pleased to announce 2 upcoming gigs before Christmas!

The first is taking place at Chilwell Road Methodist Church on Saturday 29th November, where Luis will be guesting in a musical event run by Derbyshire-Based vocal group Cantata. Mixing a vareity of styles, Luis will be switching between steel and nylon strings as he offers up both vocal and instrumental pieces. 

Then, on the 20th December, Luis will be heading up a musical event in aid of the Hope Charity at The Creative Corner Cafe in Chilwell.

More details will be posted as information becomes available.

Oxjam Video Posted

Luis kicked off his Oxjam 2014 set at brand new venue the Creative Corner Cafe in fine style, with one of his old favourites, 'Love'.

Providing a mix of original and well-known classics, the crowd seemed very appreciative, with a couple of audience members accompanying him on the various percussion items that were lying about the cafe.

"It was great fun. Half way through Take It Easy I heard a shaker, then some wood-drumming and clapping. It's great when the audience join in - it shows that they are also havng a good time."

Performing classics and favourites from Paul Simon, George Ezra, The Eagles and a mash-up of Robbie Williams, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Rocky Horror Show, Luis also showcased some of his own material; Love, Take A Look, A Little Bit Like Kiss Me and Blow It All. The latter getting a very good reception.

"There was quite a cheer after Blow It All, which really made me smile, as this was the first time I'd sung the full song to such an audience. I got a few comments afterwards, too, which was really nice."

Not content with performing Blow It All at The Creative Corner Cafe, Luis also managed to slip it into Anteloup's set later on at The Star Inn.

"We put our set together for Anteloup, but decided to squeeze another number in. We'd left it a bit too late to get a workable version of our new material together, so Pat suggested I just do something acoustic. I think it broke the set up a bit and added a bit of dynamic, which worked well."

You can see a video of Luis' performance of Blow It All by clicking the 'Videos' link in the menu above.


Luis At Oxjam 2014

Luis will be taking part in this year's Oxjam Beeston Takeover, performing at brand new venue The Creative Corner.

This is the third time Luis has been involved with Oxjam, but the first that he has been signed up for a solo set.

"I'm really looking forward to this. Doing the band sets with local covers band Middle:6 is great fun, but I've been doing more and more solo stuff, so it seemed a good idea to slot an extra gig in."

"I've got a great selection of my own material, including the new EP title-track 'Blow It All', as well as some of my favourite, upbeat covers, including Free Falling, Budapest and Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard."

"I decided to mix old and new with the covers, so you may get to hear Rude by Magic if I feel a bit bouncy on the day!"

The set starts at 12:50 and The Creative Corner can be found along the Chilwell High Road, opposite Cator Lane.

Oxjam 2014

Luis has received his timeslot for Oxjam 2014. He will be performing from 12:50pm at The Creative Corner in Beeston.

Although the set list is not fully confirmed yet, you can guarantee that there will be a great mix of both original and cover songs. There is also a very good chance that he will be performing a BRAND NEW SONG, writte specifically for the Oxjam event!

For more details check the Oxjam Beeston Takeover website: http://www.oxjambeestontakeover.org

There will be more details on Luis' set as the event approaches, so keep checking back for more info!

Pre-EP Free Gigs!!

Everyone loves live music - and FREE live music is even better!

To celebrate his upcoming EP "Blow It All" Luis is offering FREE 30-minute sets to event organisers and venue owners between now and Christmas.

The sets can be original or cover music (whichever you prefer), and special rates can be established for those wanting longer sets.

So, if you have an event, party, bar, bistro, restaurant, or function, and you would like some live music with very little outlay, then contact Luis via the Contact link in the menu bar above.

If you would like a taste of what Luis can provide, then come along to Belle & Jerome in Beeston on Saturday 20th September, from about 9pm, and check out a double-set featuring laid-back and upbeat covers as well as brand new, original material. 

Gig News!!

Luis will be gracing Belle and Jerome in Beeston on Saturday 20th September from about 8.45pm with a cracking 2-part set, featuring covers and original material, in a run-up gig for this year's Oxjam Beeston Takeover.

Set 1 will include a great mix of laid back covers for diners to enjoy while they eat, featuring songs from Bill Withers, Tom Petty, Paul Weller and Elton John.

Set 2 gets a bit more up-beat, with some great new, original material, as well as more foot-tapping covers from Paul Simon, George Ezra, Squeeze and The Cure.

This is also the first time you'll be able to hear all 4 tracks from Luis' upcoming EP "Blow It All" which is due for release this winter.

Belle And Jerome is a fantastic venue for great food and drink, and their live music events make the evening even more memorable, so be sure to come along!

New Video Uploaded

A bit of a fun video has been uploaded to the Videos section of the website. Click the link on the Menu Bar at the top of the page to access the Video area.

While idly surfing the internet some time ago, Luis stumbled across the chords for Learn To Fly by the Foo Fighters. It's a well-loved song by Luis, but he'd never actually thought of playing it. So, in a fit of intrepidation and Devil-may-care, he decided to video himself covering the song as a first take. No prior run-throughs. No practices. He didn't even check out the video in YouTube to remind himself of how it went!

"Normally, I wouldn't dream of posting anything unless I had run it through a dozen or so times, recorded it a few times, and then picked the best one. But in this case it's a bit of fun and a really great song. I don't think I did that bad for a first attempt."

This video was shot some time ago, and Luis has since covered the song live at The Big Friday Night event last July.

"Hope you like it!" [Luis]

Fun And Sun At Beeston Carnival

Beeston Carnival proved to be a great day of fun and sunshine, with a monster crowd and some great live music, including a 50-minute set by Luis, which involved original, covers, acoustic and backing-tracked numbers.

"It was great fun, and I've never actually bothered with any backing tracks when I'm doing acoustic sets, but I thought I'd give it a go and see how it went. Playing an acoustic guitar solo to Take It Easy by the Eagles was interesting, but it did fit the mood of the song and the audience were singing and dancing along, so I was quite happy with the result."

"I also had a backing track for I'm A Believer by The Monkees, which seemed to get people smiling, although I think I'll stick to the electric guitar when I use this backing track in future."

Kicking off the set with new song Blow It All, Luis followed up with a mix of his own material and a variety of covers spanning 5 decades, including Budapest (George Ezra), Me & Julio Down By The Schoolyard (Paul Simon) and a bizarre mash-up of Robbie Williams, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Rocky Horror Show...

"It's an odd mix, I admit. I played this last year at the Hemlock Happening and people seemed to like it, so I tried it again here. It's a bit of fun and normally gets a whoop at the end, so I threw it in. I may well make it a permanent feature for outdoor gigs!"

And then there was the encore...

"Haha. I couldn't believe it when they shouted for an encore. It's a good job I had a couple of reserve songs up my sleeve! I left them with Leaving On A Jet Plane by John Denver, as the crowd seemed to be responding well to the old favourites."

Keep an eye out for more local gigs by Luis in the near future.

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