Luis Ogando is a singer-songwriter-guitarist from Nottingham, UK and has been peddling his wares since picking up his dad's old requinto guitar over 30 years ago. The guitar was old even then, and desperately needed a re-string, but he staggered his way through the obligatory 3-chord C-F-G fingering exercises and met his epiphany. Chords came quickly, as did a miriad of finger-picking styes and patterns. And then songs. Luis had found a road, and his vehicle had six strings.

   Despite a number of restrings, Luis felt the need for something more and shelled out a fortnight's wages for an Encore steel-string acoustic. The action was terrible and the strings were heavier than winch cables. But it was all he could afford and, despite not being able to barre after the 7th fret, the guitar saw Luis through nearly 18 months of busking, party gigs and a brief spot on Derby's Radio Link.

   Three decades later and Luis is still driving his six-stringed vehicle down his road. He's still fingerpicking, having never been able to get his head around plectrums (his own admission), and has a wealth of gigs, shows, radio appearances and orchestral pit work under his belt.

   Luis can be seen around his home town of Beeston, sometimes busking, sometimes playing shows and pubs, or sometimes just playing.


For those who are interested in this sort of thing, here is a run-down of the kit Luis generally likes to use.
Gordon Smith GS2.60 electric guitar
Freshman FA1AM electro-acoustic guitar
Yamaha THR-10 Amp
Crate XG65E Amp
Behringer Eurorack UB1002 small format mixer
Zoom G9.2TT Pedal board
Shure SM58 mics.

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