Carnival Fun

Those who braved the British Summer on Saturday would have had their spirits lifted by a spirited performance of original and cover music by Luis, as he beat-strummed his way through a good 40 minutes of foot-tappers and singalong classics. The clouds and wet weather did little to dampen the mood as the crowd clapped, sang and, in some cases, danced along.

Along with staple favourites, such as Leaving On A Jet 'Plane and Me And Julio Down By The Schoolyard, a few new covers were thrown in, such as the more laid-back It Never Rains In Southern California, and more upbeat faire, including The Second Summer Of Love by Danny Wilson, and Hey, Soul Sister by Train.

Original music included 2 pre-requested songs: Love and A Little Bit Like Kiss Me (a video snippet is in the Videos section).

Luis also aired a brand new song for the first time - One More Chance - mixing in a bit of harmonica fill as well. The harmonica also made an appearance in Today, which has been slightly re-worked since it's performance at Beeston Carnival 2015.

Luis will be performing again quite soon, so keep your eyes out for gig info....

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