Oxjam Video Posted

Luis kicked off his Oxjam 2014 set at brand new venue the Creative Corner Cafe in fine style, with one of his old favourites, 'Love'.

Providing a mix of original and well-known classics, the crowd seemed very appreciative, with a couple of audience members accompanying him on the various percussion items that were lying about the cafe.

"It was great fun. Half way through Take It Easy I heard a shaker, then some wood-drumming and clapping. It's great when the audience join in - it shows that they are also havng a good time."

Performing classics and favourites from Paul Simon, George Ezra, The Eagles and a mash-up of Robbie Williams, Jesus Christ Superstar and The Rocky Horror Show, Luis also showcased some of his own material; Love, Take A Look, A Little Bit Like Kiss Me and Blow It All. The latter getting a very good reception.

"There was quite a cheer after Blow It All, which really made me smile, as this was the first time I'd sung the full song to such an audience. I got a few comments afterwards, too, which was really nice."

Not content with performing Blow It All at The Creative Corner Cafe, Luis also managed to slip it into Anteloup's set later on at The Star Inn.

"We put our set together for Anteloup, but decided to squeeze another number in. We'd left it a bit too late to get a workable version of our new material together, so Pat suggested I just do something acoustic. I think it broke the set up a bit and added a bit of dynamic, which worked well."

You can see a video of Luis' performance of Blow It All by clicking the 'Videos' link in the menu above.