Anyday Café

    Luis has teamed up with local singer/songwriter Mary Hastings to form a new 2-piece outfit called Anyday Café.

    Adopting a more low-key, relaxed approach to performing, the duo provide a mix of covers and original music with a definite slice of jazz and smooth soul on the side. This gives the perfect ambience to cafés, bistros, restaurants, or anywhere requiring a bit of background music, or a more intimate set.

    Songs range from country classics, to jazz standards, to soul ballads, to a bit of Bacharach and David, to modern-day pop. The mix of genres is extensive, but the delivery is always smooth, soulful, with a steady beat. You can't help but nod your head or tap your foot in time, while Mary's warm vocals mix seamlessly with Luis' inimitable finger-picking.

    Upcoming gigs will be posted on Luis' main gig page, as well as Twitter, so be sure to sign up and keep dropping back for more details.