Luis started writing original material way back when he was just 13 years old. His first song, Jukebox Jury, was a standard Rock 'n' Roll affair that he ended up selling to a schoolmate for the princely sum of £5, and the promise not to sell it to anyone else. The song was never performed and the schoolmate's band never actually played a live gig.

   Since then, Luis' original work has been heard by thousands of people, as far afield as Eastern Europe, and he continues to add to his portfolio of music.

   Below is a run-down of a selection of his work, in no particular order.

Love (2000) - Intent on writing a love song that was not slow, wailing or heavy, Luis came up with a rather steady-paced foot-tapper that could lend itself to a number of subjects, had the subject matter not been so evident in the lyrics. Originally called 'Princess', the name was changed in 2010 when Luis re-visited the song for a charity performance and thought the title a little too pretentious.
This remains one of Luis' favourite songs to play, despite the rather 'slushy content and returning C formula' as he puts it. A home studio version will be available on the Music Player soon.

Frozen Turkey (1998) - With a driving, American Rock feel, Frozen Turkey is what break-up songs are all about. Sorrow, anger, a decisive "I don't need you anyway" message, and then an admission of utter remorse and the option to give it one more go. The song has undergone a re-write in recent years and a more orchestrated version is performed by local band Anteloup (of which Luis is a member). A crowd-pleaser in every way, and not just because of the name!
And what of the name? Originally the song was called "You Oughta Know" but became known as "The Frozen Turkey Song" during Anteloup rehearsals, before finally becoming just "Frozen Turkey" - a reference to one of the lines in the song.

Summer Dance (1986) - Possibly the earliest example of an instrumental composition by Luis, and written about a week after he passed his driving test! Using a simple 3-chord structure, with embelishments, the piece has a definite 'olde worlde' feel to it and conjures up images of flaxen-haired maidens dancing around maypoles, fires or straw-dolls. When the mood takes him, Luis will often double-tempo the piece on a repeat playthrough.

A Little Bit Like Kiss Me (2005) - So-called because of its opening strum, which Luis feels a little bit like "Kiss Me" by Sixpence None The Richer (the sentiment is repeated in the chorus of the song too), this song tells the age old tale of someone have slightly more romantic feelings for 'just a friend' than they should do. Loosley inspired by a real life situation, the song almost races along with a well-scanned 'patter' that captures the excitement and wariness of the song's protagonist. Originally written in Eb, Luis lowered the song to C in order to give him chance to breathe during the quick bits!

Español Sonajero (1996 - 2011) - An instrumental piece, originally started in 1996 and realised in 2011, Español Sonajero translates as Spanish Rattle and is indicative of the fast, syncopated multi-style of the piece. It was originally a flamenco rhythm practice piece in the standard Am>G>F>E sequence, which Luis then organised into something that 'sounded a bit like what people might like to hear.' The result is an exciting, and fast, Spanish-sounding rhythm piece that always goes down well with the listeners. A version will be available to hear on the Music Player soon.

Weekend (2000) - A nice, relaxed and twiddly instrumental piece that is actually a mash-up of a few riffs that Luis could not decide what to do with. The piece starts off with an organised bass-melody which defines the structure and hum-drum of work, before brightening into a more excited approach, which signifies the fun of a Friday and Saturday, before moving into a relaxed 'Sunday feel', and then back to Monday's bass melody. It's very much an easy-listening piece and Luis normally drops this is in as part of his background music set.

Blow It All (2014) - A rough 'pre-release' version is on the Music Player from a live event where Luis was cajoled into playing what he had of the song, as well as a cheeky live vid from Oxjam 2014. Definitely a love song, but definitely not slushy. It is normally sung loud and with the intent of proving to all and sundry exactly what the protagonist would do for the object of their affections. This is a perfect example of Luis' beat-driven songwriting and you an almost hear him smiling as he sings it!

Think Of Love (2015) - Originally written for a female voice, this was picked up by local band Anteloup and sung by their vocalist, Keli. Since Anteloup went into hiatus Luis decided to take the song back and use it in his solo sets. Initially a sweet, innocent admission of love, the song gives way to a more passionate declaration. This is another example of Luis' heavy beat-srum approach to song-writing, and, again, is sung loud in order for him to get the high notes. This has its first live airing at Oxjam 2015 and is intended to be part of Luis' ongoing live set.

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